Posted in 2017


Almost anyone, well almost anyone who had a Southern grandmother, will find their air suffused with lush gardenia fragrance simply by looking at this photo. What made me think to buy a bush and plant it out by the little covered swimming pool? More to the point, why had I never done it before? Why did it feel like a small luxury I had denied myself all these years? Is there a forgotten memory in there somewhere? The cut bloom has been in my study for almost a week, only this morning beginning look jaundiced. Never mind. It has performed its miracle. My hard-packed spirit friable again, like newly turned compost, and ready to venture forth in the cool of morning, pen and notepad in pocket, camera around neck, spade in one hand, seedling in the other.


Living with my man and my dog in a Longleaf pine forest on Florida's Gulf coast. Cast iron head. Sweet potato pie heart.

Imagine a small wicker basket for your thoughts.

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