Posted in 2017, Front Border Garden, Planning and Design

The Blanket Flower Stays

Part of the border garden we’re making is an existing bed that’s been home in the past to mostly annuals, a few perennials and some years an herb garden. In assessing what fits well with the new design and what might be happier in a space in a shady breezeway on the east side of the house, one thing is clear:  the blanket flower stays. Gaillardia is such a happy camper and as long as I deadhead rigorously, it blooms like crazy from early spring into winter. I love its sturdiness and its singular focus on blooming.  Where it sits is a spot the landscaper assigned to one of the Nana Globosa Cryptomerias. Not gonna happen. I wouldn’t dare move this plant from what is clearly its happy place. Sometimes we marry someone who already has a family. Clearly, those kids (or mothers-in-law) aren’t going to be excised from your beloved’s life. We build our new life together around them, including and celebrating. And our lives, like the new garden with the pre-existing, sprawling blanket flower, may be both messier and much more beautiful.


Living with my man and my dog in a Longleaf pine forest on Florida's Gulf coast. Cast iron head. Sweet potato pie heart.

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